This is a paper written in 1988 by an unknown person about a high voltage vacuum tube contact type Rife device. One of these units was built by a person here in Seattle. It cleared up cancer the one time it was used. A solid state version has also been used here with similar success with both cases of cancer where it was used.

Raymond Royal Rife Revisited

Feb. 20, 1988

Due to the proliferation of AIDS and other diseases unmanageable
by conventional therapies and antibiotics, a great deal of
interest has been directed at unorthodox healing modalities
including electromedicine.

One of the classic contributions of the 1920's through 60's
which has never received a fair and impartial evaluation by our
medical establishment was the work of Rife who died in 1971. This
bulletin is an attempt to reconstruct his device known as the 
"Frequency Instrument Therapy" in modern form.

Data are believed to be accurate and are published for
informational purposes only as protected by the first amendment
to the Constitution guaranteeing freedom of speech and press and
are not intended for the diagnosis or treatment of any disease.
Individual researchers must assume all responsibility for the
construction and use of such devices and are cautioned that
experiments on human subjects are not sanctioned by the federal
Food and Drug Administration.

CAUTION:  Before attempting to use this device after
construction, the frequencies MUST be individually set with a
digital frequency counter or precisely calibrated oscilloscope to
within plus or minus zero (0) Hz of the correct numbers. Also,
applying metallic electrodes directly to subject s skin WILL
cause burns if the output amplitude is set too high.

Background: This excellent construction information is wholly
credited to a researcher in Idaho who took data from an exact
replica of a Frequency Instrument built by Rife. The replica,
constructed many years ago by a qualified engineer-physicist, was
analyzed with modern test equipment for the precise frequencies,
waveforms, outputs, impedances, and all other known parameters.
The replica, owned by an associate of the re-creator, was in turn
engineered to reflect the exact thinking of Rife, and not some of
the obvious distortions perpetuated by his imitators or self-
styled spokesmen. It was used for many years in a clinic in
Mexico where proven and cures of innumerable intractable
diseases, including Cancer, were documented. Information is being
shared freely with qualified engineers to prevent its being
monopolized or exploited by vested interests.

Treatment Protocol: At this time preferred procedure is to place
terry-cloth pads (inexpensive wash-cloths moistened in dilute
salt-water) between the bottoms of subject s feet and the two 4"
by 8" ST-27 stainless steel applicator plates. The plates should
NEVER be placed directly on bare skin. The five frequencies (660,
690, 740, 1840, 1998 Hz) are then run for five minutes each at a
comfortable intensity setting for a total of 25 minutes to
complete each treatment. Times may be extended to a maximum of
eight minutes per frequency setting with very rigid, aging, or
entrenched subjects. About one in ten persons report discomfort
on the "D" and "E" frequency settings i.e., 1840 and 1998 Hz, so
amplitude must be reduced accordingly.  An informed practitioner
recommends repeating exposures daily for two consecutive days,
then no treatments for the next three days while the body handles
re-alignments and toxins, then twice a week for three weeks;
however optimum treatment periods and intervals of rest are
parameters under current investigation. Applicators should be
placed ONLY on the soles of the feet, not on other areas of the
body. Using two plastic buckets containing water made conductive
with Epsom salt or Sodium Chloride (table or sea-salt) in which
the electrodes and feet are submerged works very well. Any
frequencies applied to feet permeate all parts of the body, and
appear to stimulate the immune-system's enhancement trigger sites
wherever those may be.

One clinic currently testing this device has opened its doors
from 7 am till 10 pm and is treating throngs of experimental
subjects with universally stunning success.

General Background Information: Why use Vacuum Tubes instead of
solid-state devices? Vacuum tubes prove to provide strikingly
different effects by the electron conductivity in vacuum and
plasma than do transistors, F.E.T.s, etc. Terms like "Scalar"
waves, non-linear effects, etc., are part of this speculation.
Advanced audiophiles generally prefer vacuum tube to transistor
amplifier sound, and many of these very real effects are so
subtle as to be almost apocryphal. Also, solid-slate devices
normally require transformers to raise their output voltages to
levels required for electromedical applications (~80V) and
available transformers will not pass the higher frequency
harmonics (MHz) believed to be contributing to the results; also
speculation abounds as to possible alterations in phase and
frequency components when a ferrous transformer core and its
hysteresis become part of the output loop. Only after a number of
these instruments have been built and evaluated we will re-test
both clinically and by computerized spectrum analysis the
possible substitution of more efficient high-voltage BIFETS and
CMOS transistors to double-check current assumptions about the
superiority of vacuum tubes.

Why use five separate frequency-generating 4011 s and then a
phase-locked loop and a X-10 frequency multiplier instead of a
single switchable generator for the desired repetition rates?

The designer rightfully contends that this approach, while more
expensive and complex, provides greater frequency stability and
insures accurate and repeatable settings.

How does it work? Controversy may arise on this question for
another fifty years, since most infections both microbial and
fungal appear to blow away instantly. Rife s original contention
was that each pathogen has an unique size that could be
physically resonated and "blasted" (like a wine glass shatters
with a specific tone) with its exclusive "frequency". This thesis
has innumerable drawbacks including the fact that Rife and even
his modern-day followers confused "frequency" with "pulse-
repetition rate". Also, the waves are electrical, not acoustical,
and therefore do not "vibrate" cells. Also all Rife (and John
Crane) instruments used SQUARE WAVE generators, as does this
current re-creation. Square waves by textbook definition always
contain "an infinite number of odd harmonics" going beyond many
MEGA Hz In transformerless designs. So confusing a square-wave s
repetition rate with any specific "frequency" is clearly absurd
and even today continues to handicap progress in the field of

A better working hypothesis might be that the body's own internal
immune system is activated by the alien electromagnetic signal(s)
and a broad spectrum of neuropeptides and neurotransmitters are
stimulated into production. This has been clearly demonstrated
scientifically in the case of endorphins, etc., as the result of
Cranial Electro stimulation, Neuro-Electric Therapy, and TENS
(Transcutaneous Electrical Neuro Stimulation) devices.

There are some 2000+ known neurotransmitters cataloged at
present. Many are even manufactured by human skin. Some of these
(Interleuken, Interferon, etc.) are thought to be specific
immunization factors for a broad-spectrum of diseases including

A summary sheet covering the history, dates, applications, etc.
of Rife s devices, including his "Universal Microscope" will be
compiled shortly by this writer in an effort to clarify much of
the disinformation surrounding this fascinating and potentially
valuable "lost technology".

Credit for this excellent and highly effective Rife re-creation
is acknowledged to our research associate in Idaho who prefers to
remain anonymous. All devices should be labeled "for Experimental
Use Only with the Informed Consent of Subject" and no medical
claims whatsoever can be made or implied in order to comply with
FDA rules and regulations.

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