There is a notion in the land that goes something like this: "There are no absolutes. There is no absolute truth. There are just constantly changing and competing ideas. There is no such thing as absolute right or wrong. The only absolute truth is that nothing is absolutely true." This leaves people adrift with neither rudder or compass and with a big hole in their minds where truth should be.

New Age neo-paganism is happy to fill in the void. That is about as helpful as the guy who makes a contribution to your front yard by dumping his old couch or washer there.

Truth can be defined as "that which is." A statement that accurately describes that which is, is true. The following articles and sites describe that which is. It is vital that you learn how to discern truth, both for your physical health and for your spiritual health. If you cannot detect truth, you may choose to receive harmful medical treatments from which it is difficult or even impossible to recover. And the spirutual consequences are even worse.

Some of these are sites that will open in pop-up windows. Just close the window when you are finished.

How to Detect Truth  The door that lets truth in.

Forgiveness and Health.

What is Truth?  Great Article!

Chuck Missler Talks about Truth  

Hemoglobin: The Impossible Chemical  

Mother's Wonder Working Words.  An amazing story written by a friend of mine.

The Weeks Parker Story

Brushing Hair  A woman was paying attention.

A Message for our Jewish Friends

University of Mobile 2018 Christmas Concert Finale:


The Arthur Custance Library  

E-Sword - Excellent Bible Study Aids  

Koinonia House - A huge collection of articles  

The Lambert Dolphin Library