Transfer Factor™ Offers Unprecedented Immune Boosting Ability 
Tests from The Institute of Longevity Medicine - Darryl See, M.D.

Nutraceuticals Tested  Percent (%) Rise in NK Cell Activity Over Baseline  
Noni 15%           Transfer Factor Plus™ is 5 times more effective in creating NK cell activity than IP6 - which was the highest of the previously tested group of 196 Nutraceuticals.  
Aloe Vera 15%            
Bovine Colostrum 23%            
Cordyceps Formula 28%            
Shitake Mushroom 42%            
Echinacea 43%            
IP6  49%            
Transfer Factor 103%                            
Transfer Factor Plus 248%                            

Natural Killer cells, or NK cells, are important immune cells that provide a crucial first defense against infectious agents and diseased cells.  Once activated, NK cells react in two ways.  First, they promptly secrete chemical messenger proteins that modulate emerging immune cell responses.  Second, they become potent killers of infected cells.  Without Natural Kill cells, threatening conditions can get a strong foothold before additional immune responses are able to kick in.

Original test results showed that4Life Transfer Factor Classic boosted NK cell activity 103% above normal immune response without supplementation, more than two times higher than the next highest product.

*Test results obtained from two independent NK cell studies. Original test using 4Life Transfer Factor Classic bovine formula utilized a four-hour activation time. Secondary blind study test results, conducted by Dr. Anatoli Vorobiev, head of Immunology, at the Russian Academy of Medical Science, used 4Life Transfer Factor Advanced Formula (Transfer Factor E-XF proprietary blend of both cow colostrums and egg yolk sources) and a 48-hour activation time. Comparison of activation times demonstrated that the longer activation time (48 hours) using the 4Life Classic and Advanced Formulas promoted a significantly greater percentage increase of NK cell response. Samples were tested for maximum time of effectiveness.

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If you are working to build your immune system, you should know about Transfer Factor™ and Colostrum. Transfer Factor™ is extracted from colostrum, mother's first milk.  Colostrum does contain a small amount of transfer factors.  However, to get the same amount of transfer factors for a daily maintenance dosage, you will need to ingest 90  500mg capsules of colostrum to equal the same amount in 3  200mg capsules of Transfer Factor™ from 4Life.

Uses for Transfer Factor