Static Gen II


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The Static Gen II generates about 20,000 volts of negative static electricity and negative ions. That sounds like a lot of voltge, but levels of 35,000 volts have been reported just from walking across a carpet or wearing nylon clothes. When you put you feet on the stainless steel plate, you become charged with negative static electricity and you become a negative ion generator. If you hold the tip of your finger near the leaf of a large houseplant, you will be able to feel a cool breeze of negative ions flowing from you finger to the leaf. If your finger gets too close to the leaf, a spark will jump and you may feel a shock just like with any other static discharge.

Even though the voltage is high enough to produce an inch-long spark, the current is low. It is just a fraction of a milliamp and much too low to cause injury. On the other hand, static electricity can damage electronic equipment. So people with implanted electronic equipment such as heart pacers should not use this equipment without checking with their physician first.

This equipment is not intended to diagnose or treat any condition or disease.

There is a two year parts and labor warranty.

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