Acknowledgements: Nutritional autonomic response testing or NART is a method of muscle testing to determine which tissues are stressed, which are the most stressed, and which supplements are best for the tissue and whole body. This technology was pioneered by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt (ART). I have received training from him and from numerous other people including Dr. Fred Ulan (Nutritional Response Testing), Dr. Dick Versendaal (CRA), Dr. Victor Frank (TBM) and Dr. Gary Lasneski (NRT). Ideas from all of them have been incorportated into our style of testing.

Principle: If a tissue is stressed, pressing on the tissue will cause a muscle weakness in the one being tested and in anyone who is touching them. (Like the little boys who hold hands and one of them touches an electric fence. They all get a jolt.) Or, it may irritate the nervous system so much that they will become untestable.

Principle: If a tissue is stressed, placing either the problem or the solution on the body will make the arm strong or will make them testable again. For example, either mercury or chlorella will make the mercury-stressed tissue test strong.

During testing I like to have the subject touch a sheet of stainles steel where various materials can be placed. That way they can be in contact with many materials at the same time. You can also touch the plate.

1. Test for a strong muscle: NART testing is usually done with the subject standing. The person should be wearing their usual clothing, cell phone, jewelry, glasses and watch so we can test and see if these are problems. An arm is extended straight forward from their body with the fingers straight but relaxed. The tester applies pressure to the wrist, pushing down. Pressure is gradually increased over a period of about 2 seconds until the arm either gives or locks. You are feeling for a lock or lack of lock. If there is no lock, use a second person as an indirect tester. Have them stand near and touch the subject and use their horizontal arm instead of the subject's arm. Or, use the items in number 2 below to find the reason for the weakness.

2. Test for "open regulation." To see if the autonomic nervous system sends adequate signals: Hold your fingers together, arched back. Place the center the of your palm over either of the subject's ears. This is an irritant to the body and their arm should go weak. If it does not go weak, the autonomic nervous system regulation is "blocked". This must be corrected before any other test will be valid. If supplements are used to correct blocked regulation, they may need to be in contact with the subjest for the entire test. This will cause some stressed tissues to test as though they were fine. Look for:

Their cell phone. Almost everyone will be blocked by a cell phone and it must be at least a few inches away from them for good test results. Or, put a Silver 8 or Green 8 under the battery cover.

Their watch. The quartz oscillator can irritate the nervous system and prevent normal function. This is a very common problem.

Their glasses. A metal frame that goes all the way across the face is a common issue. Glasses should have plastic frames or glass lenses with just a short wire connecting them. The temple part of the frame does not appear to be an issue. Similarly, an underwire bra can block them.

Black clothing. The body has an electrical field that is a bit like the earth's magnetic field. Black clothing covering the navel often disrupts this field and causing blocking. Usually rolling up the hem of a black top or rolling down the hem of black pants a bit will make them testable.

Mold Toxins. Use Cholestepure or beta sitosterol to make them testable.

Hiatal Hernia. Hiatal hernia is very common and it is surprisingly disruptive to the whole body. It is also very easy to correct with a simple manual adjustment. There are several videos on "YouTube." If the above items do not make them testable, consider hiatal hernia. With your finger tips, flick downward over the bottom of their sterum as though you were brushing lint off of their clothing in a downward direction. This does not correct the problem but it "erases" it or instructs the nervous system to ignore the problem for a few minutes. If they have hiatal hernia, "erasing" hiatal hernia will make them testable for 10-15 minutes. Try to test them. Thank you to Dr. Versendaal for this concept. Put off correcting the hiatal hernia until the end of the session. See the section on "high thymus" below to understand why.

Scars. If they have any scars, especially ones that have been sutured, try a vial of Scar Drops, wheat germ oil, sesame oil, or other topical scar remedy. A scar including an episiotomy scar can cause blocking and serious health consequences. I once saw a situation where a scar from an elective surgey caused severe vision damage. I discovered this using the "two pointing" method described below. Treating the scar undid the damage. Scars can be treated with the materials mentioned above or a small red laser or Scenar.

Need for chiropractic adjustment. It may be necessary to have adjustments done before testing is possible. It is often possible to find a sore spot in the muscles either side of the neck. Try having them rub that spot for one minute or shine a red laser on it for a minute.

The above items will work most of the time. Here are some less common ways to correct blocked regulation:

Food sensitivities. Place a vial of a digestive enzyme touching the subject and test for open regulation again. Remember, when you find the material that opens the regulation, you may need to leave it there for the rest of the test. Some tissues that would have tested stressed now will not test stressed.

Toxic metals. You can use Metal Release or chlorella. Again, the material used to unblock them may have to touch them for the rest of the tests.

Toxins. You can try silymarin or Miracle II Neutralizer.

Infections. Try Nano TCM or any other remedies that you have.

Teeth. An infected tooth socket can block a person. Use one of the Tooth Tonic products or use a small red laser on the gum of a sore tooth for one minute.

Gallbladder stress. Try malic acid or gold coin grass.

Macho. Swipe up on their forehead. If a macho attitude is the problem, they will be testable for a few minutes.

Weak adrenals. Try DSF or any adrenal product that you have.

Radiation. Try Rad Balm, Rad Balm NA or whatever else you would use for radiation stress.

Other possibilities. Jewelry or tattoos may cause blocking. For tattoos, consider a scar remedy or toxic metals remedy.

3. Record your findings. If you do have calibrated vials, you may want to use the at Electrical Patterns form. It is in MS Word format so you can edit it if you wish.

If you do not have calibrated vials, you can use the form at

4. You now have a couple choices. What I normally do at this point is to use the calibrated vials and fill in the Electrical Patterns form. I will test individual tissues if there is a reason. For example, if they complain of brain fog I would test the brain. If they complain of gallbladder problems or if they have bilirubin in the urine, I would test the liver and gallbladder. At there is a diagram with some organ and tissue test points. You can test tissues by pressing on them. In some cases the tissue is so stressed that pressing on it blocks the person. The arm does not become weak. To test for this, test for open regulation while pressing on the tissue. You may run out of hands so you could have the client touch or press on the tissue.

One of the most important items to test for is for hiatal hernia. To test for this, find the point that is just below the bottom of the breastbone and press in and up at an angle. Test the arm. More than half of those with health issues have hiatal hernia and it causes much stress in the body. Doing this test may block the person. So even if they do have hiatal hernia, when you press up under the breastbone, the arm may stay strong. While doing the hiatal hernia check, test to see if they are blocked. False negative tests for this condition are very common.

For scars or skin problems, press directly on the location. You can ask women to reach back and touch an episiotomy scar. Have them touch any scar or skin problem that is in a private location.

If you are using the NART sheet, record the tissues that are stressed.

5. Prioritize: If you are testing many tissues, you can now determine which tissue is the most stressed. The one being tested takes the hand that is not being used for testing and with the thumb and forefinger touches them self in the hollow under the collarbone where the collar bone meets the breastbone. These are the K- 27 points in acupuncture. To find the points, follow the bottom edge of the collarbones in to where it meets the breastbone. While the subject holds these points, you test the stressed points again. Now, only the most stressed point or points will test. Have them release the K-27 points. Record your findings.

6. Check for food sensitivities. Have them touch containers of common foods or put them on the metal plate and check to see if the arm goes weak. You cannot do this if you are using enzymes to correct blocking or switching because that will likely prevent the arm from going weak. Some common problems are wheat, spelt, oats, corn, soy, liquid milk, egg, peanuts, garlic, shellfish, and sugar. If they react to wheat, try sprouted wheat or spelt. They may need a good enzyme and possibly betaine hydrochloride as a stomach acid replacement. Gluten Digest may make if possible for them to eat sprouted wheat or spelt but it usually does not work. Dairy Digest may make it possible for them to use liquid milk.

Keep in mind the fact that foods may cause blocking. If you test wheat, for example, and the arm remains strong, check that their regulation is open when they are in contact with wheat. It is very common for muscle testers to miss this step so they miss discovering wheat intolerance. If you have calibrated vials, use the one for gluten intolerance and record the score.

Correcting a hiatal hernia may make some food sensitivities go away. It will also often eliminate the need for enzymes or other digestive aids. It may even eliminate the need for hormone therapies.

If they do not show sensitivity to wheat or milk, try both as a combination. Very often they will not be able to tolerate both at the same time. You can also test for wheat plus cheese as in pizza.

You can also check foods against a stressed tissue. If the liver, for example tested stressed, you can take a sample of a food and put in contact with them. Test the liver again. If it tests strong, the food is stressing the liver. (Two negatives make a positive.) At this point you should also test for open regulation to make sure that the food is not simply blocking them.

It is a good idea to not discuss your findings about food until later. If you tell them that they have a problem with wheat, this distressing news may be so upsetting that they become blocked. If you do end up in this situation, you may be able to unblock them by changing the subject and having them blink their eyes several times.

7. You can test stressed tissue for various stressors. If the liver is stressed, for example, you can have them touch a vial of mercury or a bacteria vial or a virus vial etc. and test the liver again. If the arm is strong, that is an indication that the liver is being stressed by that material. You can also test for open regulation in case the vial is blocking them. Consider a treatment for what you find.

Many who have health issues have some degree of digestive failure. The result is that they do not have adequate free amino acids. They are protein starved at the amino acid level even if they live on steak. Platinum Plus Essential Amino Acids makes it possible for the body to make metallothionein that the body uses to transport minerals and also toxic metals. The amino acids also make it possible for them to make neurotransmitters and countless other necessary materials.

You can test the primary stresed tissue with other stressors listed above under number 2 and consider supplements mentioned there.

Sick people usually have a mold toxin problem. If you have calibrated vials, you should record a mold toxin score. If you do not have calibrated vials, test to see if they need plant sterols such as Cholestepure. If they do, the likely reason is that they have mold toxins. They can also remove mold with certain Japanese foot patches and also with foot detox tubs which have the feet in separate tubs. They can kill mold in rooms and cars with MMS and citric acid fumes or with Detox Oil and a cold air diffuser.

Almost all cars are moldy. Even new ones. We drive them in the rain, open the door in the rain, pop the trunk in the rain, etc. Homes with attached garages or basements or those built on a slab are moldy. Concrete wicks water vapor and any natural fibers in the area will make mold spores. The one being tested has been in moldy places and their automatic brain remembers where the mold is and how bad it is. You can use statements like "your car is at least low in mold" and "your car is at least medium/high/very/extremely high in mold." The body will react to an untrue statement. If none of the statemens produce a weak arm, say "it is not extremely high in mold." Reduction of mold toxins will be the biggest favor that you can do for many people. Contact me for more details.

8. Prioritize supplements: You now have a list of possible supplements. Place them all on a metal sheet which the client is touching. At this point, you do not need to touch the stressed tissue. Then have them touch the K-27 points again for priority mode. Now take one of your remedies away. Test the arm. If the arm goes weak, bring the item back. The body really needs it. If the arm stays strong when you take it away, bring it back and re-test. If the arm goes weak, eliminate it. If the arm is strong with the supplement on the plate and also off the plate, test to see which position blocks them. It is common for a very good supplement to cause blocking when it is removed. Using this priority mode, you can determine if the body really wants each supplement, or if it can be eliminated. In this way you can keep their supplement program as simple as possible. You will also end up with a program where all the supplements work together instead of against each other. Skin contact is not necessary for testing because electrical fields travel for some distance. You can test frequencies the same way. Re-check all tissues and organs that were previously found to be stressed to make sure that the nutritional program takes care of them all.

9. You should test to see if the program is complete. While the client is in contact with their supplement collection, you can test the main stressed tissue with the tip of your fingers. The arm should be strong. Now touch the palm side of your fingers to the tissue. If the program is complete, the arm will go weak. Now test the tissue using the back of your fingers. Again, the arm should go weak. If you do not get strong-weak-weak, You have missed something. Keep at it until you get strong-weak-weak. You can also just test the plate that the supplements are on for strong-weak-weak. The program will be much more effective if it is complete. Thank you to Dr. Lasneski for this insight.

Other important concepts:

Two pointing is a useful technique. Let's say you have found that they have a stressed gallbladder. You press on the gallbladder and the arm goes weak. You have also noticed that if they press on their hysterectomy scar the arm goes weak. So we have them press on their scar and we press on the gallbladder at the same time and the arm goes strong! This shows that the scar is causing or contributing to the gallbladder problem. Using this technique, you will discover that things like scars and teeth and hiatal hernia contribute to many health problems.

Teeth are a problem for most people. You can have them press on each of their teeth to test for tooth socket issues. Do not forget to test for blocking. It appears that when there is a grumpy gland or organ or a tumor, there is usually also a grumpy tooth socket. Tooth Tonic products can be used as oral disinfectants. Eventually the sockets will heal and the teeth will test strong.

Tooth Tonic Plus often tests good for both men and women and Tooth Tonic TTO Plus often tests good for women. (Tooth Tonic TTO Plus contains tea tree oil which is a great oral disinfectant but is estrogenic so we usually do not suggest it for men!) Use the products as a mouth wash and for brushing teeth. Dilute the products with water if necessary and keep the teeth and gums bathed in the products for five minutes or longer twice a day. If MMS is used, a pinch of baking soda can be added to cut the acid. The Tooth Tonic products now contain Terminalia chebula that removes biofilm from teeth.

You can seal seal metal fillings so that they stop leaking mercury with this TBM technique: Take a flat magnet and put the negative/north face on the cheek near the tooth. Shine a pen light on the fillings, teeth and gums. Do about 10 seconds per tooth. The fillings will be sealed until they are polished again.

Thyroid and adrenal issues: Be aware that many thyroid and adrenal issues involve excess cortisol which blocks the conversion of T4 to the active T3. The product ADHS reduces excess cortisol. Reducing mold toxins usually works even better.

If the adrenals are worn out from prolonged excess stress (like from mold or Lyme toxins), consider the product DSF. DSF provides raw materials for the adrenals. If necessary, Isocort or desiccated adrenal can be used temporarily.

Most Americans have an iodine deficiency. Iodine will often bring low temperatures up to normal and will often produce better results than thyroid hormone replacement. Lugol's Iodine generally tests better than Iodoral or SSKI. Consider testing for Biotics Meda-Stim which aids conversion of T4 to the active T3. When thyroid hormones are used, patients usually feel much better when they get T3 along with T4. Armour Thyroid contains both.

It is common that a product that we want to use does not test good. So we test individual minerals. We often find that manganese or iodine or copper or zinc tests to be needed. Once we put that on the plate, the original product that we wanted to use now tests to be good.

Dr. Lasneski pointed out that it is important to have no more than a single dose of a supplement in our test vials. The body may need copper but it will object to a vial containing 40 copper tablets! We have noticed this many times.

One advantage to testing with calibrated vials is that most of these things can be muscle tested from a distance using a biological sample. There is a vial for hiatal hernia for example. And mold locations can be tested. Just take 1/4 of a paper towel, get it damp and leave it in the garage or car until it is dry. Use an indirect tester.

It is also possible to muscle test yourself. The easiest way that I have found to do that is like this: Hold your right arm straight out in front of yourself with your palm facing down. Make a fist and stick your thumb out. If your palm is still facing down, your thumb will be pointing to the left. Tighten the muscles from your fist to your shoulder and rotate your fist clockwise, swinging your thumb over the top. Stop the rotation when you feel a resistance. Your thumb should be pointing pretty much straight to the right. So the thumb is the pointer on your meter and this is how it will look when you make a true statement. Please note that we only make statements, never ask questions. (If you use your left arm, swing your thumb over the top so it ends up pointing to the right.)

Now we are ready to try this out. Keeping the muscles tight, if you are a male, make the statement "I am a male" as you swing your thumb over the top toward the right. Again, stop when you feel resistance. It should go all the way over as it did when you first tried it. Again, this is what a true statement looks like. (Make the opposite statement, of course, if you are a female!) Then make the opposite statement "I am a female" as you keep your muscles tight and rotate your fist. Stop the rotation when you feel a resistance. If all went well, it did not rotate as far. This is because the body reacts to an untrue statement with a physical response, in this case a tight muscle. As you get used to this you may not have to tighten your muscles. Always make these statements in pairs - one will be true, one will be false.

When you get comfortable with this, you will be able to test yourself for foods and supplements. Start with "drinking water is good for me." When you tackle less obvious ones like "wheat is good for me" you may get a true indication for "iwheat is good" and for "wheat is not good." That is because talking about wheat may block you. So two trues means it is bad. Eventually you would be able to test someone else this way or even test using calibrate vials and a saliva sample. When in doubt, practice on obvious things, such as your gender or your name.

There is a TBM concept called High Thymus. This is a situation where the body has has all the work done on it that it can tolerate for that day. This is a common result of correcting a hiatal hernia. To test for high thymus, put your pointer finger in the notch at the top of the sternum and your pinky finger down on the sternum. If the arm tests weak, they are in high thymus condition and cannot be tested for anything else for about 24 hours.

If the one being tested has come from a distance, you will want to avoid putting them in high thymus until you have done all the testing that you want to do! So if you correct hiatal hernia early in the session, you may wish that you had waited!