MACULAR DEGENERATION

     Macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness in
those past the age of 70.  As with so many chronic degenerative
conditions, there is currently no effective medical treatment.

     There is, however, an effective nutritional program that
reverses the condition.  A Yakima Washington physician reported
that he cured his own macular degeneration using selenium and
vitamin E.  (Washington State soils are so low in selenium that
farm animals have died of "white muscle disease" which is a
selenium deficiency.)  

     Jonathan Wright, M.D. read of this and also found that these
supplements helped his patients improve.  The program was even
more effective with added zinc, taurine, and gingko biloba.  Dr.
Wright also found that more than 90% of those with macular
degeneration are low in stomach acid and digestive enzymes.  This
makes absorption of minerals difficult or impossible.  Some
people also have food allergies that damage the digestive tract
and may have to avoid foods like wheat, milk, and corn to be able
to absorb minerals.

     Dr. Wright suggests a supplement program that includes 1000
mg. of taurine twice a day between meals, 800 IU of Vitamin E per
day, 60 mg. of zinc per day, and 200-300 mcg. of selenium per
day.  Two 60 mg. capsules of gingko biloba (50:1 extract) can be
taken daily.  A balanced multivitamin-mineral (like Oxygenic B)
that supplies copper should also be used.  Digestive enzymes
are taken just before each meal.  Stomach acid supplements (in
the form of betaine hydrochloride) are used with each meal to aid
digestion and absorption.  This program will benefit about 95% of
those with this condition.

     The other 5% have major absorption problems and may need IV
injections of zinc and selenium.  Dr. Wright has had the vision
of a patient improve during the first IV.  Others are adding zinc
and selenium to 70% DMSO and rubbing it on the skin.  This also
works well, but requires expert help.

     Some people cannot tolerate large amounts of vitamin E.  If
you would like to try this program yourself, first ask your
doctor if there is any reason you should not do it.