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Several years ago, Patrick Robin announced to the Rife community that he wanted to design a frequency generator. What would the Rife community like? I sent him a list of everything that I would want. Others may have done the same. What he came up with had all I wanted and more!

The F165 is an excellent frequency generator that makes both AC and fully DC offset or pulsed DC high quality square waves. It can be controlled by a computer it runs stand-alone. It is very easy to operate. Just select the program you want and press 'Run'.

There are three channels: Channels A and B have an upper limit of 3.9 MHz. Channel C has an upper limit of 50 MHz. This range covers all the original Rife frequencies, audio Rife frequencies and Dr. Hulda Clark frequencies. Frequencies in all three channels can be entered in 0.001 Hz steps.

There are two outputs with standard BNC connectors. One output produces 5 volts DC (which is perfect for EMEM type equipment) and the other is amplified for 0-13 volts DC and 0-26 volts AC. The same signal can be sent to both outputs or different signals can be sent to each output.

The unit cannot be damaged by accidentally shorting the hand cylinders together.

Our F165 units come with about than 700 programs and it is easy to add new ones. The internal memory will hold 1500 programs. Programs can be as simple as running a single frequency or they can be complex and run for days. Or they can cycle over and over in an endless loop. Many of the programs use the Scoon and Holland effects.

These units are very versatile with variable duty cycle, pulsing or gating, sweeps, wobble and endless loops. Any of the three channels can produce a radio frequency carrier wave for either of the other channels. It has enough capabilities to satisfy the technical types who will be able to write sophisticated programs while at the same time it is easy for the user to run programs.

Amplifiers? Some companies have offered expensive "amplifiers" for the F165. These are merely cheap audio transformers. These add ons do increase the output voltage a bit but they greatly degrade the quality of the waveforms. Amplifiers are not needed. High voltage amplifiers are probably not even safe.

Stainless hand cylinders with cables, a wall transformer, software and a USB cable are included. Foot plates and foot detox tubs are available.

CAUTION: The F165 is usually used in the pulsed DC mode (like a Clark Zapper) so voltage is low with a maximum of 13 volts. It is low enough so that it will not harm people, but people with implanted electronic equipment such as heart pacers should not use this equipment without checking with their physician first. As with any frequency equipment, Lyme disease patients should limit run times to 3 minutes a session at first. If in doubt, limit run times to 3 minutes at first.

No claims are made that this equipment diagnose or treat any condition or disease. The included programs are for experimental purposed only.

There is a one year parts and labor warranty.

The $1395 price includes shipping in the USA. Please call us at 206-244-1383 for shipping charges to other locations.

F165 with cables and hand cylinders $1395.00

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