Dishwashing Liquid Blues

A one year old girl got into a popular brand of green dishwashing liquid and got some in her eye. She was very distressed as was her mother. The mother spent 15 minutes at the kitchen sink trying to rinse the soap out of the eye. She then put her daughter in the bathtub and spent another 15 minutes pouring water over her face. There was no improvement.

So she had her 10 year old daughter watch the baby in the tub and made a remedy out of the soap. She took one drop of the diswashing liquid and put it into a glass with 8 ounces of water and gently stirred it. Then she took a 16 ounce bottle of spring water, poured out about 1/4 of it, and added one drop of the dilute detergent water. She succussed it (banged it on something) ten times, emptied all but a tiny bit, refilled it, and then succussed it again. She did this 10 times. There was never enough of the original "soap water" to make soap bubbles and after diluting it 10 times she was confident it was safe to use as a rinse.

She is a photographer and decided to take a before picture to see if it made any difference. She then poured about 1/2 of the solution over the baby's eye and forehead. Within about 15 seconds her eye opened and the redness went down a little. About 8 minutes later, the eye was completely open and the redness was much better! She took her out of the tub and within 30 minutes, the eye was completely better and the baby was happy again! The timing between the pictures was recorded on the digital camera.

If Mom diluted the mixture about 1:1000 each time, this would be a 10M remedy, made in just a minute or so.

After 30 minutes of rinsing.

15 seconds after using the remedy.

8 minutes after using the remedy

30 minutes after the remedy