The MWO6000 Multiwave Oxcillator


The MWO6000 device is based on the research of Georges Lakhovsky and Nicola Tesla. Devices of this type are commonly called Multiple Wave Oscillators (MWOs), a term derived from the very large number of high frequency wave oscillations that the units produce.

Lakhovsky, a Russian electrical engineer who emigrated to France in the 1920s believed that cells are electrical in nature. His published work called The Secret of Life (1935) discusses this concept. Lakhovsky showed how cells manifest the electrical properties of resistance, capacitance, and inductance. He observed this oscillatory nature of healthy cells and the fact that, during an invasion by microbes, the cells entered into a state of oscillatory disequilibrium or disease. Lakhovsky went on to observe that high frequency radio waves could energize malfunctioning cells due to the spiral helix or coil found in each cell (RNA-DNA) that acted as a receiving antenna for the radio waves the MWOs produced. The MWO device generates frequencies which are characteristic of living organisms (from 750 kHz up to 3 MHz and harmonics which extend up to 300 GHz). Once the cell was energized, waste would be expelled and nutrients would be ingested. Lakhovsky's research demonstrated how the application of an external electrical field (generated by the MWO) was able to do this. In 1925, Lakhovsky began to use argon gas in copper tubes for the antennae of his Multi-Wave Oscillator. He found that certain inert gases, when charged by high frequency currents helped stimulate cellular development by speeding up detoxification.

In the late 1980s a group of researchers in Bozeman Montana developed an early version of the MWO6000. It was called the BELS which stands for bio electronic light stimulator. It produced the oscillations mentioned above.

There is a modified version of the BELS which is being sold elsewhere for just under $18,000.

The MWO6000 is the newest in a continuing evolution of MWO devices. The MWO6000 contains high voltage transformer and a specially designed Tesla Coil. Its high frequency electrical field is used to charge various gasses in the Air Plasma Tube and Multitube Array, resulting in a radiant field that is intended to stimulate the subtle, or non-physical energetic aspects of the human body.