Autism, Hair Analysis and Mercury

Autism has gone from a rare condition to an epidemic that now affects about 1 in 150.

Drug companies insist: "Our vaccines do not cause autism."

Most dentists tell us: "Mercury fillings are inert and do not cause harm."

Pediatricians too insist: "Vaccinations, even though they do contain mercury, do not contribute to autism.

A recent study adds more proof that these people are wrong.

Researchers selected 94 children with a diagnosis of autism. Information on the severity of the autism was collected from the mothers and from observation. They also selected 45 children who were not autistic. They were matched with the first group for age and gender.

Information on the mothers' fish consumption, numbers of amalgam fillings, vaccination history, and history of injections related to Rh factor was collected from them.

First baby haircut samples were collected from all the children and were analyzed for mercury levels. Results:

1. The mothers of the autistic children had more mercury exposure than the mothers of healthy children. On the other hand:

2. The healthy children averaged 7.7 times more mercury in their hair than the autistic children! It is known that some people excrete toxic metals and other toxins better than other people do. Excretion can be through various routes such as the urine, stool, perspiration, or hair. Autistic children had more exposure to mercury, but excreted less via the hair. Healthy children had 6.63 parts per million (ppm) of mercury in their hair. Autistic children averaged 0.47 ppm. The very sickest children averaged only 0.21 ppm. So healthy children were able to excrete more that 30 times more mercury than these children.

3. In healthy children, the more mercury the mother was exposed to from fish consumption, amalgam fillings, and mercury-containing injections, the more mercury appeared in the hair of the children. With autistic children, there was no such connection found. Hair mercury did not increase with the exposure of the mothers.    (Holmes AS, Blaxill MF, Haley BE. - Int J Toxicol. 2003 Jul-Aug;22(4):277-85)


1. Women who are pregnant or who may become pregnant should be aware that having new amalgam fillings placed or even having old amalgam fillings improperly removed will put their babies at risk. I suggest that no dental work be done for at least six months before pregnancy.

2. These women should also be aware that flu shots and other vaccinations that they have will put their babies at risk.

3. These women should also be aware that their fish consumption will put their babies at risk. Dr. Joseph Mercola suggests that women who may become pregnant avoid all fish consumption for at least at least six months first.

4. Parents should be aware that their children already have some mercury exposure and that vaccinations put them at further risk and may push them over the edge. If children are vaccinated, they should consider chelation with chlorella, cilantro, alpha lipoic acid, NDF, and/or Metal Free.

5. All adults should be aware that they too may have a reduced ability to excrete mercury. For these people, amalgam fillings, flu shots, and excess fish consumption may cause catastrophic harm. There are researchers who are calling Alzheimer's disease "adult autism."

6. If amalgam fillings are removed, it must be done with great care by a dentist trained to do this kind of work. Such a dentist will be committed to mercury free dentistry and will be known by the local naturopathic community. The dentist who put them in is not the person who I would ask to take them out.