People with health issues have one thing in common: Almost all of them have some degree of digestive failure. The result is that there is a lack of free amino acids. Even if people eat steak three times a day, there is protein starvation at the level of the individual free amino acids. Partially digested proteins in the form of clumps of amino acids are absorbed into the blood.

Imagine a bricklayer who is hired to build a brick wall. He arrives at the site. The truckload of bricks arrives. He reaches into the truck and pulls out a brick only to find that another five or six bricks are stuck to it with ends sticking out in all directions. He pulls a second brick and discovers another useless clump.

This is what the body faces. It needs to make thousands of enzymes and other necessary chemicals, but does not have the raw materials. And it cannot get them from food because the digestion is not efficient enough. Even supplementation of stomach acid and enzymes usually does not enable the body to make enough free amino acids. So necessary materials cannot be produced. One compound that is necessary for health in a polluted world is metallothionein.

The body uses metallothionein to carry away mercury and other toxic metals. But the body cannot make this material if there is a shortage of free amino acids. At there are more charts showing toxic metal removal using a product called Platinum Plus Essential Amino Acids. Each patient was also required to take a multivitamin-mineral product and 1/4 teaspoon of natural salt ( such as Real Salt or Celtic salt) in water daily. Those who did not take in enough salt failed to make good progress.

Mercury Graph1

Patient DM, Female, Age 55.

Researchers find deficiency of metallothionein production in cancer and in all or nearly all cases of autism. I suspect it will be found in many other conditions.

The body also needs free amino acids to make neurotransmitters. I am hearing reports from people recovering from depression while using amino acids.

The immune system also needs free amino acids.

Fibromyalgia is another condition where there is an amino acid deficiency. Other conditions that involve a lack of free amino acids include skin wrinkling, thinning of hair, weak fingernails along with more serious conditions such as digestive failure, irritable bowel, chronic fatigue, spinal disk degeneration, joint degeneration, osteoporosis, pain and stiffness, infections, and stress to every tissue in the body.

Amino acids are food. They are not medication and they do not "cure" anything. They do not make anything happen. They simply provide raw materials to the body. When combined with vitamins, minerals (especially sulfur) and essential fatty acids, they just help people move toward health.