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Volume 10 Number 12

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
December, 1999

Dear Doctor,

     It is time for you to go on a mission.

     Your mission may ...

                ADD MORE TO THE LENGTH AND
                     QUALITY OF LIFE,
                     OF MORE PEOPLE,

Your mission will ...


yet require almost no time or energy invested.

     Your mission?  By the time you've finished reading 
this Letter you will know that ...


You will know in your heart that if you will only sell 
MIGHTY MINS to your patients who have children and 
grandchildren that you will have done more to shape the 
lives of more young people than you ever dreamed you 

     Am I exaggerating your potential impact with MIGHTY 

     Read on ...

                          - 2 -

     Consider the case of a three year old girl who was 
under the care of her foster mother.  The foster mother 
was contemplating returning the child to Children and 
Youth Services because of the serious nature of her 
behavior problems.  The foster mother reported that the 
child would scream and run frantically from one activity 
to another.  She would wake numerous times during the 
night and wet herself.  When she talked her words slurred 
together incomprehensively.  She ate non-food items like 
toothpaste and drank household cleaners, necessitating 
calls to the poison center on several occasions.  The girl 
would run uncontrollably onto the road and had nearly been 
hit by a car.

               MIGHT MINS TO THE RESCUE ...

     After only one week on MIGHTY MINS, the mother had 
this to say:  "She now sleeps through the night; her rowdy 
behavior disappeared and a new child emerged.  She could 
comprehend things and express herself instead of just 
saying 'I don't know'."

     Months later the mother reported that the child no 
longer ate non-food items; she did not wet at night; she 
did not run out on the road; and she communicated with an 
advanced vocabulary.

     What happened here?  There was no other medical or 
psychological therapeutic intervention in this case -- 
only MIGHTY MINS.  Can we really say that MIGHTY MINS and 
MIGHTY MINS alone worked the miracle on this little girl?  
We could certainly never make such a claim based on only 
one piece of antidotical evidence.  But now consider the 
rest of the story ...

     When we finished the product development on MIGHTY 
MINS, we knew we had something special.  But even we 
didn't know just how good MIGHTY MINS was.  We were eager 
to put MIGHTY MINS to the test in some rigorous clinical 
research study.

     Now think about this:  If you had developed a 
children's supplement and wanted to put it to the most 
difficult challenge imaginable, what category of children 
would you choose for your test group?  How about a group 
of children with medically diagnosed hyperactivity, 
Attention Deficit Disorder, and violent behavior?  If your 
new product could demonstrate in a scientific study a 
beneficial impact on these children, would you not be 
confident that you had a product that would meet the 
nutrition needs of all children?
                          - 3 -

     That is exactly what happened with MIGHTY MINS.  
NUTRI-SPEC was approached by the Prevention Program of the 
Mountain View Community Medical Association in 
Pennsylvania.  The Prevention Program serves the needs of 
children with disruptive behavior disorders, and wanted to 
pursue a research study to demonstrate whether a nutrition 
supplement could be found to positively impact these 
uncontrollable kids.

     If you want the "picture that is worth a thousand 
words" showing just what power MIGHTY MINS has to help the 
children of your patients,  look at the chart on the back 
page.  The children in this study had far more demanding 
nutrition needs than your patients' children do, yet look 
at how their lives were completely turned around with 
MIGHTY MINS.  With MIGHTY MINS as the only means of 
therapeutic intervention, these children showed amazing 
(and statistically significant) improvement in all seven 
neuro-biological factors selected from the pediatric 
behavior scale.  Look at the change in temper bursts; look 
at the changes in moodiness and in learning problems, and 
in all the other seven factors.  MIGHTY MINS is the only 
children's supplement that has ever been tested in this 
way and showed such amazing clinical results.  (Do a 
medline literature search and you will come up empty-    
handed -- no one has ever dared to even imagine a 
children's multiple having such an amazing clinical 

     That very same MIGHTY MINS is available to easily 
provide the nutrition needs of your own children, and for 
all your patients' children, to help them ...

                 GROW STRONG,
                      GROW STRAIGHT,
                           GROW SMART.

     A four year old boy was referred to the Prevention 
Program by his family doctor.  In her interview upon 
entrance to the Program, his mother had this to say, "He 
typically wakes every hour through the night, screaming 
and begging me not to go to work the next day and 
complaining of stomach pain."

     She described what she called compulsive/obsessive 
behavior, including his refusal to walk across the kitchen 
floor without stepping on certain squares in the floor 
design.  He also insisted on having his toys put away in a 
certain manner, and when playing with other children would 
put toys away as quickly as they got them out.  "It didn't 
make for very friendly play," the mother commented.
                          - 4 -

     At his preschool he insisted on being the last one to 
leave so that he could be sure the coat hangers were 
arranged by color.  He also checked the hangers upon 
arriving at school each day.  He insisted upon sitting in 
a particular chair and refused to sit anywhere else.  His 
mother also reported that his diet consisted almost 
entirely of macaroni and cheese, white bread and juice.

     The boy was placed on two MIGHTY MINS per day.  He 
was given no dietary recommendations.  Neither he nor his 
family received counseling nor any other therapy.

     His mother reported that, "Within two weeks he was a 
different child."  His nocturnal screaming and stomach 
pain had all but disappeared.  He was participating 
normally in all preschool activities.  One year after 
entering the Program this boy was photographed with 
Pennsylvania State Representative Dan Clark and was 
ceremoniously recognized for his kind behavior.

     The Prevention Program has received a lot of good 
press -- and deservedly so.  They now have more than 40 
children who have gone from (literally) banging their 
heads against the wall to being perfectly normal, 
well-adjusted, happy children.  All these lives were 
rescued with not the slightest bit of therapeutic 
intervention (not even dietary counseling!) except MIGHTY 
MINS.  In fact, though many of these children were taking 
drugs to control their behavior before entering the 
Program -- every single one of these kids was able to go 
off the drugs within months after starting MIGHTY MINS.

     In another well-publicized ceremony, the Director of 
the Program was given an award by the State of Pennsyl-   
vania in recognition of distinctive service above all 
other community service organizations in the State.  In 
that ceremony, a mother whose three year old daughter had 
participated in the program told her MIGHTY MINS story.

     Her daughter had been a crack baby.  Both the mother 
and her husband had heavily used drugs before, during and 
after the pregnancy.  Subsequently, the mother had gone 
straight -- but that didn't do anything for her poor 
little girl who was a total mental and emotional misfit.  
Yet immediately after starting MIGHTY MINS the girl turned 
into an angel -- charming, alert, and intelligent.

     In yet a third ceremony, the Program received a grant 
from the Baltimore Life and Casualty Insurance Company as
part of that company's program to fund community service 
projects in the states they serve.
                          - 5 -

     The recognition of the MIGHTY MINS miracle by 
politicians and business men is, however, just the 
beginning.  The big news is that the work done by the 
Prevention Program has been written up and submitted to a 
peer reviewed,index medicus journal, the Journal Of 
Developmental And Behavioral Pediatrics.  JDBP has our 
MIGHTY MINS study currently under peer review.  We should 
receive word on whether or not it is accepted for 
publication within a few weeks.

     Now let's put your mission in perspective.  You've 
got a children's multiple supplement that is a quantum 
leap above anything your patients can get from their 
pediatrician or their health food store.  Your MIGHTY MINS 
is truly in a class by itself.  You've got the objective 
numbers of a scientific research study demonstrating 
clearly that MIGHTY MINS can reverse the most severe 
physical and mental conditions resulting from inadequate 
childhood nutrition.

     Nothing else will do for children what MIGHTY MINS 
will do.  You have scientific evidence supporting MIGHTY 
MINS as being the most important thing the parents in your 
practice can do for the children they love.

     Doctors have often told us that they don't sell many 
MIGHTY MINS because they just do not see that many 
children in their practice.  That may be true, but you 
probably have hundreds of patients who have children and 
grandchildren who must have MIGHTY MINS to be all they can 
possibly be.  How can you get the MIGHTY MINS message to 
these patients?  We are going to make it easy for you.  We 
will give you FREE a delightfully appealing and 
informative MIGHTY MINS display for your waiting room.  
The display holds a beautiful brochure which tells the 
entire MIGHTY MINS story in such a way as to make MIGHTY 
MINS irresistible.

     Here is what you need to do:  Place an order for two 
dozen MIGHTY MINS.  (MIGHTY MINS now comes in two sizes -- 
the regular size and an economy size, which is more 
suitable for families with more than one child.)  Along 
with your MIGHTY MINS we will send you FREE the free- 
standing MIGHTY MINS brochure display with its adorable
picture and magnetic message; plus, 50 brochures for the 
display pocket which have the same irresistible graphics 
and compelling story.  You will also be sent a copy of The
Prevention Program MIGHTY MINS study as submitted for
publication to the JDBP.

                          - 6 -

     We can assure you that you have at least dozens if 
not hundreds of patients who are already supplementing 
their children, and who will jump at the chance to buy 
MIGHTY MINS from you based on nothing more than the MIGHTY 
MINS display and brochure.  Imagine all those patients 
buying a bottle of MIGHTY MINS for each of their children 
every month, month after month, for years and years.  That 
adds up to a bunch of bucks, but more importantly it adds 
up to a lot of happy, healthy kids.

     With nothing more than your MIGHTY MINS brochure 
display you can let your patients know that they have the 
opportunity to give their children a very special 
advantage.  Get them started on MIGHTY MINS today.


                     Guy R. Schenker, D.C.


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